How to Participate

Organizations interested in joining a global conversation about quality management in continuing education can do so by participating in the CPD Benchmarking and Quality Improvement Program (CPD-BQIP). This program was developed to help organizations  carry out their own self-assessment, benchmark against other similar organizations, and share best practices with other CE organizations, all for the purpose of continuous quality improvement.

CPD-BQIP is made available through the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education.

There are several options for participating in CPD-BQIP:

1. Standard Level  – This is intended for organizations that wish to use the CPD-BQIP tools and data primarily for their own self-assessment.  Users at this level can use the CPD-BQIP tools to guide their organizational self-assessment, and can compare their self-assigned ratings in a number of categories to the averages for all other organizations in the database.  They can also view selected samples of Best Practices from the database.

2. Custom Level– This is intended for organizations who want to go beyond their own organizational self-assessment and benchmark against other similar organizations. Users at this level can query the CPD-BQIP database for a variety of custom reports, filtered according to user specifications.  They can also obtain a report of Best Practices from other organizations that are enjoying success in one or more categories.

3. Developer – Organizations that want to be involved in the future development of CPD-BQIP tools and offerings through IACEE are invited to apply for Developer status.   Developers must be approved by the CPD-BQIP Administrative Committee and will  participate at the Custom Level. Please click on the “Contact Us” button and let us know of your interest in joining the Developer Team.

4. Confidential  -  Organizations that wish to benefit from the CPD-BQIP tools and to have access to the database, but that would like for their participation to remain confidential, may choose this option for a fee.  Data from Confidential users (ratings and best practices) are included in the database and in reports, but with no identification of the contributing organization.  We do not encourage this level of participation, because we feel there is greater value in sharing information in a way that allows communication between institutions.  However, we do offer this level of participation to ensure that organizations which might wish not to have their participation known or self-evaluations identified can still benefit and contribute to the quality program.