Continuing Engineering Education (CEE) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units can benefit from using the CPD-BQIP model by:

  • Implementing a systematic approach for determining and improving the quality of the programs and processes, through an annual process of self-assessment and benchmarking 
  • Using the quality model to document and demonstrate their quality as compared with an external international standard, which brings credibility to their program with university leadership and with peers
  • Establishing a foundation for strategic planning by asking the questions given in the model for a SWOT analysis and thus setting the goals and strategic allocation of resources.
  • Becoming better prepared for meeting the requirements of government educational organizations, professional accrediting bodies, and regional accrediting bodies.

As noted by Kim Scalzo, Director of the SUNY Center for Professional Development and past reviewer for the New York State Education Department Office of Higher Education:

The processes and strategies of the CPD-BQIP are well aligned with accreditation and approval processes now being encouraged or even required by relevant higher education and state entities.

Explore the Resources section to see how other organizations have used this benchmarking and quality improvement tool for organizational effectiveness and strategic planning processes.