The Continuing Professional Development Benchmarking and Quality Improvement Program (CPD-BQIP), developed by the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education (IACEE) is a combination of quality criteria, tools, and processes that help Continuing Education and Professional Development centers to assess their current operations and compare them to similar programs of other organizations.  The methods and tools support strategic planning and ensure alignment with institutional goals by facilitating team-based organizational self-assessment and benchmarking for continuous process improvement. 
This website has all the tools necessary to start the self-assessment process.  For background on the development of this model and the institutions from around the globe that helped develop it, read the sections  “History” and “Partners”.  Learn about the benefits realized by current and past participants in the “Benefits” and “Resources” sections. To get started on doing your own organizational self-assessment, use the tools described in the “Getting Started” section.
All current IACEE institutional members are encouraged to participate in the Quality Program. The more participants in the program, the more valuable it becomes for benchmarking. Current IACEE institutional members can access the web-based tools, self-evaluate, and  receive all reports, both standard and customized, at no cost, as a benefit of IACEE membership. 
Other organizations concerned with continuing education or professional development are also encouraged to participate in the Quality Program.  The more participants, the more extensive the database and the more valuable the tools become.  Institutions that are not IACEE members can access the web-based tools and obtain a standard report for free.  If they wish to obtain customized reports, they can do so for the low cost of $300 per year.

  Description of Reports IACEE Institutional Members  Other Institutions (non-IACEE Members)
    All prices are in
US Dollars
Standard Reports Use the web-based tool to generate a report that includes average values on all criteria for all organizations in the CPD-BQIP database. FREE FREE
Custom Reports Use the web-based tool to generate a report that includes values for all criteria and sub-criteria, for your chosen subset(s) of organizations in the database.  Search for Best Practices as reported by other organizations. FREE $300