Getting Started

Anyone interested in applying the quality management and benchmarking tool can do so by accessing the documents provided on this website. The steps to follow are given below.
For IACEE Institutional Members
1. Click on “Benchmarking Demographic Data Sheet” in the “TOOLS” section of this website (at left), to review what demographic data you need to enter.
2. Click on “Self-Assessment Matrix and Scoresheet” in “TOOLS”, to review the criteria and subcriteria on which you will be asked to rate your organization.
3. Decide who that represents your organization is best able to complete the Benchmarking Demographic Data Sheet (and Supplemental Data Sheet if appropriate) and to rate the criteria in the Self-Assessment Matrix.  That person will enlist the help of any other appropriate persons in gathering all the answers that are necessary to complete these forms.  Assure them they are contributing to an important process that will benefit your whole program.

4. Click on the “CPD-BQIP User Log in” button to the right, using your IACEE institutional member user name and password. 

5.  Enter the demographic data you have collected by clicking on “Demographic Data” under “UPLOAD YOUR DATA”.
6.  Enter your self-assessment scores by clicking on “Matrix Data” under “UPLOAD YOUR DATA”.  For any sub-criterion for which you have rated your organization at Level 4 or 5, please document the best practices which your organization follows. 
7. To request a report go to “Reporting Index”  and select “RUN REPORTS”.  The standard report allows comparison of your organization’s self-assessed level of achievement for all the criteria with the average value of all organizations in the CPD-BQIP database. 
8. To build a customized report, choose the parameters you desire and click on “Create Report” under Reporting Index.  Customized reports allow you to compare your organization’s ratings for all criteria and sub-criteria with a subset of organizations in the database, filtered as you choose for similarity in type of institution, size of enrollment, type of program, etc.  You are also able to query a specific organization for its best practices.

For Other Institutions (Non-IACEE Members)

Steps 1 through 3 are same as those for IACEE Institutional members, above.
4.   Click on the “CPD-BQIP Membership Join or Renew” button to apply for access to the CPD-BQIP.  You will hear from CPD-BQIP within 3 business days and will receive a log-in name and password, which you may change to a password of your own choosing.   Once you receive your log-in name and password, click on the “CPD-BQIP User Log-in” button and log in. 
Steps 5 and 6 are the same as those for IACEE Institutional members, above.
7.  To obtain a standard report, which provides average ratings for all organizations in the CPD-BQIP database, go to “Reporting Index” under “RUN REPORTS”.  The Standard Report is provided free to registered non-IACEE users.
8.  If you want more customized reports, and the ability to search the database for particular organizations whose best practices for continuous improvement you would like to access, then register as a “Customized” user.  Customized reports are available to institutions that are not IACEE members for the low  fee of $300/year.  Your access to customized reports and searches of the database will be available within 3 business days of receiving your payment.  Once you log in, click on “Reporting Index”, then choose the parameters you desire, and click on “Create Report”.

For all users

Your institutions’ name will be included in the list of organizations contributing data to the database, but will not be associated with specific data except for the “Best Practices” for criteria you have rated as 4 or 5.   If you wish to remain anonymous in all reports pulled by any registered user, this is possible for a fee of $800.  For this feature, register as a “Confidential User”.
A summary of these choices is given in the table below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the “Contact Us” button to the right.


Summary of Fee Structure

  Description of Reports IACEE Institutional Members  Other Institutions (non-IACEE Members)
    All prices are in
US Dollars
Standard Registration Use the web-based tool to generate a report that includes average values on all criteria for all organizations in the CPD-BQIP database. FREE FREE
Custom Registration Use the web-based tool to generate a report that includes values for all criteria and sub-criteria, for your chosen subset(s) of organizations in the database.  Search for Best Practices as reported by other specific organizations of your choosing FREE $300
Confidential Registration For either the Standard or Custom Registration levels, your organization's data will be included in all average and filtered reports, but the name of your organization will not be listed as a registered user or in any of the reports. add $800 to registration fee add $800 to registration fee